Solcial — What is this project?

The social network is a decentralized social network that provides users with web3 capabilities, allows people to interact with others without fear of censorship, and employs revenue creators who are fairly rewarded at market value.

Multiple social media goals

1) Promote freedom of speech and allow people to discuss without being censored or banned.
2) Allow users to monetize their content.
You may immediately have a question about establishing censorship “What happens if a user posts “particularly sensitive” content, such as racism, pedophilia, murder, or anti-political actions?”

To this question, one of Solcial’s questions gave a very clear answer: “… So, we are a platform that promotes free speech. Content that is normally banned under a dictatorship (such as political material) should be allowed on Solcial (wherever you live). But there is content that is not free speech, there is content that is simply illegal (in every country on Earth), like child porn, beheadings, discussions, etc. This type of content needs to be moderated. However, we are a platform that cannot remove content. We hide this content from the UI using moderation: Apps can report illegal content, and when reports and views count significantly %, we hide the content in the UI and detach the data from our IPFS node. Because the community has (as a whole) voted that this content is disgusting or illegal and should be hidden. But if some community somewhere thinks this content is important and should be visible, they just store the content on IPFS and broadcast it using their nodes. This way, it will be visible on their direct links, but not visible in the user interface to the wider audience. We have other reward gauges to get the community to moderate this network score, this metaverse, but I won’t be public to everyone today 🙂”

With the moderation of consumption, everything is clear and everything is logical, the community collects some kind of content with a cover from a wider audience, and as for me, this is right.

But what about the content itself? What can be published in Solcial?

As the developers themselves said in the first versions of the applications, they allow users to post images and text, and later more types of content will be available, such as videos and music.
It is also worth adding to this that there will be the possibility of NFT trading right inside the Solcial applications!

Who is Solcial for?
Primarily initiated by the creator of the accumulation, with the help of Solcial he can easily monetize his content needs.

What form will Solcial take?

Solcial will be in video apps (for iOS and Android) as well as a desktop app and website. In Solcial, each user has their own token, obviously investing in people. When registering, 1 million coins were calculated, this stock is fixed and the same for everyone. These coins are yours, you can keep them or sell them (or send them to friends).
Also worth noting to follow people, Solcial has tier 3 subscriptions: you can follow someone for free (tier 1) to access their public content (similar to Twitter or Instagram), and to access their personal content (what we call Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscriptions). must own their token, be an investor in them. This is what the project opens up with the “investment per subscription” model.
This was a brief introduction to the project, in the near future there will be another series of articles on this project, but for now I will leave you links to the scientific references of the project

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